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the first company focused on helping foreign investors invest in american real estate

Thanks to recent rule changes in the US, it's now possible for anyone from just about any country to invest directly in American Real Estate - one of the best investments on earth (in our opinion).

We invite you to check out our site and learn more about how you can actively or passively invest with us. This could mean doing a managed rehab project, owning a rental property, or even learning more about passive investing through whole note banking or directly with an SEC regulated fund.

some happy clients

Huge thanks to HIS Capital Group and Rick Melero for showcasing our efforts and journey on this project. We are blessed to have the opportunity to partner with this amazing firm.

Yanira suarez

Character, Integrity, Transparency, Fully Vetted Investments and Great Returns!

Shawn a. sullivan - ceo

As the Owner of four Keller Williams Realty offices in Central Florida – that collectively sell over $1.7 billion in real estate annually – I have the good fortune of working with the most talented individuals in the industry. Rick stands shoulder to shoulder among the top lenders in America, and he is the man I trust more than anyone else to find lending solutions for my investor clients.

Chris mclaughlin

Rick’s real estate knowledge is mind blowing and his personality is electric! He’s also a gifted teacher who shares this knowledge willingly and with poise. I've featured Rick on my radio shows many times to discuss investing strategies that build wealth. 

abhi Golhar

Why invest in american real estate?

If you're not from the USA, it can sometimes be hard to understand the value that American real estate represents. Here are just a few benefits to help you see why it can be a very smart idea to diversify your investments into American real estate.

steady growth

American real estate has been steadily growing for years and bounces back first from any downturn.


Under certain circumstances you can use your property ownership for extended travel to the USA.

Potential for great returns

Many homes in the USA can be purchased for very little money and start producing income right away.

Property on sale!

When compared to many countries (especially in the EU/UK) the price of American homes is considerably cheaper.

Fully managed

Thanks to technology advancement, you no longer have to "be there" to own and manage property. We can do it for you.

You're in control

You can tell us what you want and we can help you get it. From rehab projects, rentals, and even investing in a passive fund, we can get you what you want.

reach out to us now to learn more about getting started investing in american real estate

We hold live virtual events all over the world teaching American real estate investment strategies. When we speak we can help you choose the best path for you and your family.

Don't leave empty handed

We'd like to give you Rick Melero's book "Investing With A Purpose" for free. This book will show you the power of investing in America and help you determine the right strategy for you and your family.